The War at the Top, which took place at the Navy HQ, is one of the biggest battles in One Piece history. Luffy joined forces with Emperor Whitebeard to save Ace from public execution.

In the New World, the crew of Straw Hat has confronted one of the Great Corsairs, Don Quijote Doflamingo. The companions chased him into his own territory, the mysterious and colorful island of Dressrosa.

During a battle, they discover that their enemy Miss Wednesday is actually Princess Vivi of the kingdom of Alabasta. After learning that Baroque Works is behind the civil war that divides her kingdom, Vivi infiltrates its ranks as a spy to learn more. She is unmasked by the leader of this organization, who is none other than...

 Sir Crocodile, a pirate recognized by the World Government and belonging to the Big Seven. In order to bring peace to her country, Vivi must neutralize him at all costs.

Once aware of the situation, Luffy agrees to help Vivi and escort her back to Alabasta. After the adventures of Little Garden and the kingdom of Drum, Chopper, a doctor by profession, joins the crew.
Finally, the Vogue Merry lands in Alabasta.

Along the way, the Straw Hat crew meets a strange character.

It is only after their separation that Vivi reveals that it is Mr. 2 Bonclay, agent of Baroque Works. Holder of the Fruit Transvestite, he is able to take the appearance of those he touches with his left hand.

In order not to be fooled, the crew members, including Vivi and Kaloo, the super duck with the spotted bill, decide to draw a mark on their left arm.

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